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mybeachbody's Journal

Decide, Commit, Suceed.
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DISCLAIMER: This Community is not affiliated with Beachbody.com. However it was created and inspired by beachbody's online support & message boards.

INFO: This community is opened to anyone looking to lose weight the right way. This community does not support anorexia, bulimia or any other eating disorders. This is a fitness and health based community to support, encourage as well as to share successful tips from those who have succeeded in losing weight and those currently trying to lose weight.

Once ever so often there will be a monthly challenge for any member who wishes to participate. Otherwise feel free to chart your progress or set backs in weekly, daily or even monthly posts and be sure to encourage and support others. You can post anything from healthy food recipes, beginner to advanced exercises, articles and helpful links to diet plans. We are here because we all have a common goal (to lose weight the right way) some have a longer way to go than others, and we are here to support each other not to put anyone down or make them feel bad.

You may post before/after pictures if you wish (all entries are automatically locked) but it is not required.
As stated above all entries are automatically locked; this is done so that any infomation you wish to keep within the community won't be posted publically by accident. You have the option, however, (after your entry has been posted) to edit and make it public.

Well what are you waiting for? Decide to lose weight and feel better about yourself now! Make the commitment to work hard to reach your goals and prepare to succeed! Good luck to you all.

After you join please proceed to the introdution post to introduce yourself. Happy losing!!

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